The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

JULY 1918

Copy No. ___

Provisional Scheme of Defence
The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Right Battalion - Left Sub-Sector - NEUVILLE VITASSE 0 Sheet 51b. S.W.


1.     The Battalion Frontage extends from: M.20.a.95.06 thence to N.19.c.30.45 to M.24.b.98.60.


2.     The Battalion is disposed as follows:-

RIGHT COMPANY. Two Platoons in the Outpost Line from M.20.a.95.06 to N.19.c.00.05. Two Platoons and Company H.Q. In FINCH TRENCH vicinity M.24.c.75.15 in support.

LEFT COMPANY. Two Platoons in the Outpost Line from N.19.c.00.05 to M.24.b.98.80. One Platoon and Co. H.Q. In WOLF TRENCH M.24.a.95.46. One Platoon in INTERMEDIATE LINE in support between M.18.c.20.90 M.23.b.80.70.


(a)     One company between N.22.d.40.40. and N.25.a.40.20.

(b)     One Company, less one Platoon, in BEAURAINS SWITCH between N.25.a.15.20 and N.16.d.90.40. One Platoon in INTERMEDIATE LINE between ARRAS - BAPAUME ROAD and N.25.a.75.25. part of the Garrison of the Right Reserve Company will be accommodated in the Bunker Road in N.22.d. One Platoon of the LEFT Reserve Co. will be accommodated in NELSON Support Trench in N.25.a. These Troops in case of attack will report to their Garrison positions.


3.     The disposition is made to give the maximum amount of resistance in case of attack, to establish defence in depth and avoid casualties during heavy bombardment. The OUTPOST LINE will consist of Sentry Groups and Picquets and is furnished by the two forward Companies. The remainder of the Outpost zone is garrisoned by four platoons who are responsible for the defence of the remainder of this zone. The Main Line of Resistance is the INTERMEDIATE LINE and the BEAURAINS SWITCH and will be defended to the utmost. Each Platoon or Garrison is responsible for the defence of the ground they occupy. There will be no voluntary withdrawal and each garrison will fight the ground they occupy to their utmost. Any order for withdrawal must be given by an Officer whom the troops know.


4.     In case of attack the OUTPOST System supported by Machine Guns will break up the enemy attack and disorganize him as much as possible before he can reach the main line of resistance.

(a)     In the event of enemy attack, garrisons will fight on the ground they occupy.

(b)     Should the enemy effect a local penetration he will be immediately ejected by counter-attack from the flanks or by the Support Platoons. The Company Commander on the ground will act on his own initiative and deal with any local penetration or raid, with the troops at his disposal. All ranks to be thoroughly acquainted with the general idea of this system of defence.

(c)     Should the Support Companies succeed in holding up the attack, portions of the garrisons of the main Line of resistance will be used to regain the original outpost line by immediate counter-attack. Should the Line of Support Platoons be pierced the Reserve Companies will be used to extricate Posts which are still holding out.

The two Companies in Battalion Reserve will act under orders from Battalion headquarters.


5. (a)     All old Saps to be filled in.

(b)     All Trenches and Saps between PICKET LINE and OBSERVATION LINE to be filled in and blocked with Concertina Wire.


Commanding The Royal Canadian Regt.

Copy No. 1. - 7TH Cdn. Inf Bde.
No. 2. - P.P.C.L.I.
No. 3. - "A" Co.
No. 4. - "B" Co.
No. 5. - "C" Co.
No. 6. - "D" Co.
No. 7. - File.
No. 8. - War Diary.

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