Instructions Issued in Connection with 7th Cdn. Inf. Brigade Tactical Scheme.

Reference maps:
HAZEBROUCK 36. 1/100,000
SHEET 36A 1/40,000

1.     DRESS. Battle Order, without Steel Helmets, Serges will be worn and weather favourable will be left in Busses at de-bussing pt.

2.     Scheme will be carried out in BOMY Area.

3.     The Battalion will proceed by Bus, forming up on Main Street, BOURECQ at 7.15 a.m. tomorrow, as follows:-

Hd. Qrs. Co., "A" Co., "B" Co. , "C" Co. , "D" Co., Head of Column, facing West, will be opposite Village Square, BOURECQ, and will be formed up on the LEFT side of Road. TEN yards distance between Companies.

4.     An Officer of "D" Company will superintend EM-BUSSING and will proceed on the Last lorry of Battalion. An Officer of "A" Company will superintend DE-BUSSING, proceeding on First lorry of Battalion.

5.     Lorries will each carry 30.

6.     Battalion Officers will be distributed throughout the Convoy to maintain discipline during the move.

7.     DE-BUSSING POINT will be Road Junction WEST of B. in BONCOURT.

8.     Haversack Rations will be carried. The Q.M. will arrange for supply of TEA for filling Water Bottles tomorrow morning.

Water Bottles of men who do not want TEA will be filled with WATER.

9.     Lewis Guns will be carried, and will be marked during operations by BLUE FLAGS: These Flags will be waved when Gun is in action.v

Signalling Officer will arrange to distribute sufficient Flags to each Company.

Lewis Gun Crews will also carry a Tin Can which will be tapped when the gun is in action.

N.B. STOKES GUNS will be marked during operations by WHITE FLAGS which will be waved when the gun is in action.

Loaded Magazines will be taken and left in BUSSES, under guard, during Manoeuvres.

10.     No Live S.A.A. Will be taken in Pouches.

Each Company and Detachment Commander will hand to Adjutant on Parade a written certificate that he personally has inspected the S.A.A. Pouches of his Company or Detachment and has satisfied himself that there are no LIVE Rounds in possession of his Unit.

11.     The Q.M. will arrange supply of blank S.A.A. He will also arrange that each Lorry proceeds with two unbroken Boxes S.A.A. This will be supplied from Mobile Reserve and be returned on completion of Manoeuvres.

12.     Bayonets will NOT be fixed during Manoeuvres.

13.     The R.S.M. will arrange for one Bugler to report to each Company and one to Battalion headquarters on arrival in Manoeuvre Area.

Any order issued by the Director to STAND FAST, DISMISS, etc., will be sounded on the Bugle. Every Bugler will repeat.


14.     On completion of Operations there will be a Conference of all Mounted Officers, place of conference will be that from which Officers' Call is first sounded.

R.M. Millett
Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Copy No. 10

31st May 1918.

The RCR Order No. 1.001

Reference map:
36A. 1/40,000


1.     (a)     Information has been received from the Mayor of WITTERNSSE that bodies of Hostile Infantry were seen in the vicinity of LeHAMEL and LES TOURBIERES this morning at 6.00 a.m.

(b)     The 7th Cdn. Inf. Bde. is at ENGUINEGATTE.


2.     March to ENGUINEGATTE to join 7th Cdn. Inf. Bde.


3.     (a)     ADVANCE GUARD:- Lieut. M. ISBESTER; "B" Co.

(b)     MAIN BODY:- "A" Co., "C" C Co. "D" Co.

(c)     STARTING POINT:- Road Junction:- U.1.c.30.60.

(d)     TIME:- 8.00 A.M.

(e)     ROUTE:- ST. HILAIRE -


4.     Head of Main Body.

R.M. Millett
Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment

Issued by runner at 7.00 a.m.

Copy No. 1-2 - 7th Cdn. Inf. Bde.
No. 3 - C.O.
No. 4 - 2nd. i/c.
No. 5 - "A" Co.
No. 6 - "B" Co.
No. 7 - "C" Co.
No. 8 - "D" Co.
No. 9 - File.
No. 10-12 - War Diary.

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