The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.


1-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Cold foggy day. Companies paraded to the Gas School and had Small Box Respirators tested. Special Platoon left for FERFAY today under Lieut. FENTON.

1 O.R. to C.C.S.

2-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Company parades 9.00 a.m. To 12.00 noon and 2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. The C.O. lectured to Platoon Commanders at 5.30 p.m. The 2nd i/c lectured to Company Commanders at the same time.

3-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Sunday. Church service was in the nature of a memorial service for the victims of the Halifax disaster. The Band rendered special music. Two baseball games were played during the day.

4-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Companies bathed at Mt. ST ELOY today. Parades were carried on asusual. The officers played "D" Coy. At baseball, winning by a score of 7-5. Other baseball games and a football game were played during the afternoon.

19 O.Rs from C.C.R.C.
A/Major C.L. WOOD from C.C.R.C.

5-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Companies wiring during the morning. Employed men and new drafts paraded under the R.S.M.

Baseball game between Officers and N.C.O's in which Officers won.

Lectures by L.G.O. To Officers and Sgt. CLARKE to N.C.O's. The Staff Captain A. and Q. inspected the Q.M's department, Orderly Room and Regimental Books.

1 O.R. from 8th Army bde. C.F.A.
3 O.R's to C.C.S.

6-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Parades as usual. The C.O. inspected "A" and "B" Coy's, The Special Platoon from FERFAY gave a smoke demonstration and formation of the new Platoon system.

The Officers lost a game of baseball to H.Q. Coy. Score 3 to 1.

1 O.R. from 3rd. Cdn. Div. Emp. Coy.
1 O.R. trans to Eng.

7-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Parades canceled owing to rain. "C" and "D" Coy's wiring during the morning. The L.G.O. carried on with training in the Huts. (Specialist.) The R.S.M. lectured to all N.C.O's on "The Fitting of Equipment" etc. Platoon Commanders were given lecture on "New Platoon Organization".

Lieut NAYLOR L.A. & Lieut. MUNROE G.S. S/O on attachment to R.F.C.

8-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Rain again prevented parades. Specialist training with lectures was carried on in the huts. The N.C.O's were given a lecture on Musketry.

Lieut. HOPKINS G.S. Trans. To England.
Lieut. GRANT-SUTTIE G.L.P. Invalided to Eng.

9-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

"A" and "B" Coy's wiring. The C.O. Inspected "C" and "D" Coy's. "C" Coy then went to FOREST Range for range practice. Employed men paraded at 10.00 a.m. Half the Officers and senior N.C.O's went to forward area (RIDGE) to reconnoitre routes.

Lieut. SMITH J.F. evac. C.C.S.
3 O.Rs to C.C.S.

10-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Church parades were canceled on account of rain. Dull day and quiet.

1 O.R. from C.C.S.
Lieut. SOULE I.E. granted leave to NICE.

11-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Companies bathed at Mt. ST. ELOY. 3 Coy's were paid during the afternoon. S.B.R's were also tested at the Gas Hut DINKIEVILE SIDING.

Capt. GRIFFITH H.F.R. and Lieut. ATKINSON A.A. from C.C.R.C.
Lieut PROBERT J.T. and Lieut. BARRETT-LENNARD W.L. granted leave to NAPLES.
1 O.R. trans. to Eng.

12-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

The Battalion carried on with a full syllabus of training. The C.O., 2nd i/c and Adjutant went to BOUVIGNY for tactical exercises under the G.O.C. Bde. Major WILLOUGHBY lectured to all Officers on "Courts Martial" and the R.S.M. to N.C.O's on "Discipline".

3 O.R's to C.C.S.

(Appendix 1.)

13-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

The G.O.C. 7th Brigade inspected the Battalion today. Owing to rain the inspection was greatly curtailed. He inspected "A" and "B" Coy's on parade and later on the Cook house, horse lines, Q.M. Stores and mens Huts. He said he was very pleased with everything he had inspected and congratulated the C.O. On the splendid condition of the Regiment.

5 O.Rs to C.C.S.
12 O.Rs from C.C.R.C.

14-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Parades as usual. Brigadier General FARMER called to inspect Capt. PHILLIPS' new oven.

1 O.R. Killed (Self inflicted.)

(Appendix 2.)

15-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Parades as usual. The Band gave a concert after lunch.

(Appendix 3.)

16-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Cold parky day. Parades 9-11.00 a.m. "D" Coy at FOREST Range. 8-11.00 a.m. The Battalion paraded at 12.15 p.m. to attend the "Dumbells"Concert at GOUY SERVINS. The C.O. and 1 Officer per Coy., went to FERFAY to see competition between the four representatives platoons of the Brigade.

Major WILLOUGHBY granted leave to Eng.
Lieut. SUTHERLAND J.C. From C.C.R.C.
4 O.Rs to C.C.S.

(Appendix 4.)

17-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Fine clear day. Church parades at 10.30 a.m. Lieut ROGERS and 13 O.R's sent to 1st Tunneling Coy. while the Division is in the line. H.Q. Coy. Beat a combined team at indoor base ball - score 14-4.

1 O.R. from C.C.S.
1 O.R. to C.C.S.

18-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Companies wiring. N.C.O's paraded under R.S.M., 9.00 a.m. To 12.00 Noon; 2-3.00 p.m.

Lieut. FENTON and 39 O.Rs of "D" Coy., returned from "M" Course at C.C.R.C.

(Appendix 5.)

19-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Baths at Mt. ST. ELOY. Parades as usual. Twelve men returned to Canada today on three months leave. Fifteen went to PARIS on 14 days leave. Base ball game in the afternoon.

3 O.Rs admitted to hos. while on leave in Eng.
1 O.R. to C.C.S.

20-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Route march in the morning. Training 2-3.00 p.m. "A" Coy., left at 9.00 a.m. For FERFAY for a 2 weeks period of training.

5 O.Rs to C.C.S.
1 O.R. from C.C.S.
207654 Sgt DEO W.H. granted commission.
Lieut. DEO W.H. taken on as an Officer.

(Appendix 6.)

21-2-1918. - LE PENDU.

Short period of training in the morning. The Battalion marched to SUBURBAN Camp in the VILERS-au-BOIS Area taking over from the 29th Battalion. The 46th Battalion moved into LE PENDU Camp.

1 O.R. to C.C.S. Major LYNE-EVANS J.S.M.A.H. S/O Strength.

22-2-1918. - SUBURBAN.

Training from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Lieut. ISBESTER and 8 O.Rs returned from Anti-Aircraft course at BRUAY.

23-2-1918. - SUBURBAN.

Parades as usual. The Regiment furnished a quarter guard for the 3rd. Canadian Division during a visit from the Commander in Chief. In a letter to the C.O., the G.O.C. stated that the Commander in Chief enquired the unit to which the guard belonged and remarked "they were well turned out". A football game with the 42nd Battalion was lost by us.

24-2-1918. - SUBURBAN.

The Battalion paraded for church at 10.15 a.m. In the YMCA VILLERS-au-BOIS. The baseball team played the 42nd. winning by a score of 5-2.

1 O.R. Trans. To Cdn. Base.

25-2-1918. - SUBURBAN.

Rainy morning. Parades suspended and lectures substituted. Platoon Commanders lectures on organization of a platoon and Capt. BALDERS to all Officers on the "PLAYFAIR CODE".

2 O.Rs to C.C.S.
1 O.R. trans to Cdn. Base.
19 O.Rs from C.C.R.C.

26-2-1918. - SUBURBAN.

Baths and Pay parades with two hours training. The C.O. and Coy. Commanders reconnoitered ground near BERTHONVAL FARM for a Battalion Scheme. Six Officers attended a lecture at CAMBLAIN L'ABBE by General Byng on "The Cambrai Offensive"

1 O.R. trans. To Cdn. Base
1 O.R. to C.C.S.
1 O.R. admitted to hos. in England whilst on leave.

27-2-1918. - SUBURBAN.

The Battalion worked out a Battalion scheme near BERTHONVAL FARM. The practice showd that considerable training along this line should be carried out by Companies, with more attention paid to formations by Platoon Commanders and N.C.O's.

Several Officers and 250 O.Rs. attended the "Dumbells" concert at CAMBLAIN L'ABBE. The band provided music during the evening.

28-2-1918. - SUBURBAN.

Battalion scheme again. A decided improvement on yesterday's operations was noticed.

The Battalion paraded to the 2nd Divisional concert at CHÂTEAU de la HAIE at 6.00 p.m. The concert was much enjoyed by all ranks. It is undoubtedly one of the best we have seen.

The C.O. held a Kit Inspection during the afternoon.

(Appendix 7.)

C.R.E. Willets
Commanding The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Appendix 1. - Programme of training of R.C.R. for 12.2.18.

Appendix 2. to 5. - Programme of training of R.C.R. for 14th, 15th, 16th, and 18th February, 1918.

Appendix 6. - R.C.R. O.O. 87 dated 20.2.18. R.C.R. will move to SUBURBAN CAMP VILLERS AU BOIS tomorrow 21st inst.

Appendix 7. - R.C.R. O.O. 88 dated 28.2.18. R.C.R. less two coys, will relieve P.P.C.L.I. in NEUVILLE St. VAAST tomorrow March 1st, 1918. "B" Coy. R.C.R. will relieve 1 coy. P.P.C.L.I. at ANGRES ROAD.

Appendix 8.- Syllabus of Training Scouts, Observers.