The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.


Copy No. 12


R.C.R. Defence Scheme

Sector - 7TH Cdn. Inf. Bde. Right Sub-Sector

Map Reference- MERICOURT ROAD 1/10,000

1.     Description of Sector.

Our Front Line called TOTNES TRENCH extends from MOOSE JAW ROAD T.17.d.67.65 to QUARRIES ROAD T.11.c.00.10 inclusive.

The Second Line is called QUEBEC TRENCH extends from MOOSE JAW ROAD T.17.d.45.47 to QUARRIES ROAD T.16.b.91.11 inclusive.

The Third Line and main line of resistance is in NEW BRUNSWICK TRENCH WHICH EXTENDS FROM ACHEVILLE ROAD T. ? .b.71.77 to QUARRIES ROAD inclusive T.16.d.04.75

2.     Garrison of Line.

3.     Disposition of Lewis Guns.

4.     Action in case of attack.

The front line will hold at all costs. If however, the enemy gains access into the front line, the remaining platoons of each company in the second line will, without awaiting orders, counter-attack immediately, moving across the open. A minimum garrison being left in the trench. At the present time, the two important pints to be watched appear to be the flanks and the companies on either flank must be prepared to refuse their flanks at any time. In the event of a raid or attack, it is more than probable that the enemy will use the roads which give direction into our lines.

The Company in the main line of resistance will Stand To and hold on at all costs, and will not move as a whole until orders are received from Officer Commanding the Battalion.

5.     Precautionary Measures.

Attempts to raid our trenches may be expected. In order to guard against this the following procedure will be adopted -

From dusk to dawn No Mans Land will be patrolled constantly and listening posts at not greater than 100 yard interval will be established in the proximity of our wire.

6.     General Details.

(a) In the event of an attack Battalion Headquarters will Stand To in HUDSON TRENCH T.22.d.85.18 to T.26.b.50.95 and T.22.d.00.20 to T.23.c.45.10.

(b) The Commander of each Company must have definite plans for defending any portion of his front which may be attacked, forming a defensive flank should the troops on either flank be driven back, and for counter-attacking in the event of a particular trench being temporarily seized by the enemy.

(c) The Commanders of every unit from platoon upwards must make arrangements for mutual support with the commander of the adjoining unit on either flank.

(d) All ranks should be familiar with overland routes.

(e) In the event of an attack all working parties in the vicinity of the company frontage will at once come under the disposal of the Company Commander and man the nearest trench.

(f) Touch with the enemy must at all times be maintained and in the event of the enemy's withdrawal notification will at once be forwarded to Battalion Headquarters.

Issued by Runner at ___

A.E. Willoughby
Commanding The Royal Canadian Regiment.

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