The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

APRIL 1917


R.C.R. Order No. 11.

Copy No. 20.
7th April 1917.

VIMY 3A 1/10,000


1. The 7TH Canadian Infantry Brigade will attack on Z day at LaFOLIE RIDGE from the junction of the TRACK at S.23.c.9 1/2.0. to S.28.b.7.3 1/2. Including BRITT TRENCH.


1. The R.C.R. will assault and capture

(a)Intermediate Objective (BLACK LINE).

That portion of ARTILLERIE WEG, FEATHER and FAMINE Trenches lying between S.28.b.6 1/2.7. to S.22.b.7.3 1/2.

(b)Final Objective (RED LINE).

The General Line S.23.c.9 1/2..0. to junction ARTILLERIE WEG and BRITT TRENCH S.23.c.4 1/2.4 1/2. (inclusive) and along BRITT TRENCH to S.23.c.4.5. (ECOLE COMMUNE inclusive).


1. The Observation Line from the Northern Lip of BIRKIN CRATER to VERNON CRATER (exclusive) and NEW TRENCH dug about 30 yards behind the Observation Line and parallel to it.


1.     Distribution in Jumping Off Trenches.

"C" and "D" Companies will form up in Observation Line. "C" Company on the Right. "D" Company on the Left.

"B" and "A Companies will form up in New Trenches. "B" Company on the Right. "A" Company on the Left.

The 3rd Platoon of each Company will be used as a carrying Platoon.

2.     MOPPERS UP. 49TH battalion E.R.

One Platoon of Moppers Up from the 49TH Battalion E.R. will follow in rear of the leading Platoons of "C" and "D" Companies. Another Platoon of the 49TH battalion will follow immediately in rear of the 3rd Platoon of "C" and "D" Companies.

3.     7TH C.M.G. Company.

One Machine Gun from the 7Th C.M.G. Company will follow the first Platoon of "B" Company.

Another Machine Gun of the 7Th C.M.G. Co. will follow in rear The 2nd Platoon of "B" Co.

The 3rd Machine Gun will follow in rear of the 1st Platoon of "A" Company.

The 4th Machine Gun will follow in rear of the 2nd Platoon of "A" Company.

4.     7TH C.T.M. Battery.

One Stokes Gun will follow in rear of the 3rd Platoon of "C" Company. The other will follow in rear of 3rd Platoon of "D" Company.

5.     7TH F.C.C.E. and Brigade Wirers.

The Engineers and Brigade Wirers will move forward with a special party detailed to S.P.5.

6.     FRONTAGE "C" and "D" Companies.

"C" and "D" Companies will assault, consolidate and garrison that portion of FAMINE and FEATHER trenches from S.28.b.6 1/2.7. to S.22.d.7 3/4.2.

"C" Company Frontage from S.28.b.6 1/2.7. to S.22.d.9 1/4.

"D" Company Frontage S.22.d.9 1/2. to S.22.d.7 3/4.2.

"C" Company assisted by portion of "D" Company will as quickly as possible dig a New Trench from S.22.d.9.1. to FICKLE TRENCH at S.23.c. 1/2.0.


"D" Company will provide a Carrying Party of 6 men when so requested to carry Stokes Ammunition from the Intermediate Objective forward.

7.     Frontage of "B" and "A" Companies.

"C" and "D" Companies having occupied the Intermediate Objective "B" and "A" Companies will form up and following the Barrage, will assault ECOLE COMMUNE, CHATEAU, ARTILLERIE WEG and those portions of SCHLOSS WEG, and BRITT trench, lying on our Front.

They will consolidate and Garrison the General Line S.23.c.9 1/2.0. to S.23.c.4 1/2.4 1/2. (inclusive)

"B" Company Frontage. S.23.c.9 1/2.0. to S.23.c.6 1/2.3. This point does not include the CROSS ROADS north of "B" Company‚€™s Strong Point.

"A" Company Frontage. S.23.c.6 1/2.3. (including CROSS ROADS above referred to) to S.23.c.4 1/2.4 1/2.. (inclusive).

On reaching the Final Objective "B" and "A" Companies will immediately send forward Patrols and covering parties, wiring and consolidating will be commenced, after patrols report all clear, and covering parties are in position.

"B" Company will send a Patrol to the right to establish touch with Battalion (4TH C.M.R. Btn.) operating on the right.

"A" Company will send a Patrol to the left to establish touch with Battalion (P.P.C.L.I.) operating on our left.

"A" and "B" Companies are each responsible that 16 Rolls of Barbed Wire or equivalent arrive at the Final Objective.


1.     According to Barrage Table already issued.


1.     The two Machine Guns proceeding with "B" Company will take up a suitable position in FEATHER TRENCH, two Machine Guns proceeding with "A" Company will halt in the vicinity of the two Craters in rear of BIRKIN CRATER.

On the completion of S.P.5. the Guns in FEATHER TRENCH will move forward to Garrison that place.

The two Guns with "A" Company will move forward from the halting place to FEATHER TRENCH and form part of the Garrison of that TRENCH; on receiving word from the Officer or N.C.O. in charge of the two forward Guns.


1.    Lieut. KENNEDY C.E. with a party of 50 men from "C" Company will, when the Barrage has sufficiently cleared S.23.c.2.1. in ARTILERIE WEG, proceed to that location carrying up material; and there construct S.P.5.

This Strong Point is to be wired, its Garrison will be two Machine Guns from the 7TH C.M.G. Company and at least 50 men from "C" Company.

2.     There are two strong points to be constructed in the Final Objective, one by "B" Company at S.23.c.7.2 3/4. (CROSS TRACKS) and by "A" Company at S.23.c.4 1/2.4 1/2. (Junction of ARTILLERIE WEG and BRITT TRENCH).

Minimum Garrison of each will be 20 men and a Lewis Gun. Men not working on these two strong points or in front of them, will proceed to clear a support trench in rear.

A suitable one appears to run from S.29.a.6.9 1/2. to S.23.c.3 1/2.w. [sic] also that portion of the SCHLOSS WEG which lies in our front.


1.     The Mopping Up Platoon following in rear of leading Platoons of "C" and "D" Companies will, Mop up area between Craters (inclusive to FANNY TRENCH) (exclusive). The other Platoons will follow in the rear of the 3rd Platoon of "C" and "D" Companies will mop up in the area from FANNY (inclusive) to Intermediate Objective (exclusive). On completion of the Mopping Up report will be sent to Battalion Headquarters to that effect.

Both Platoons rendezvousing in FANNY TRENCH and forming a Garrison of that trench till otherwise employed.


1.     The Stokes Guns will be prepared to deal with any point offering strong resistance to our Advance. Ammunition must be used sparingly as it is anticipated that the Guns and Ammunition will be required to deal with the ECOLE COMMUNE. Stokes Guns will eventually for part of the Garrison of the intermediate Objective.


1.     No. 4 Special Company R.E. will arrange for a Smoke Barrage from No. 4 Stokes Mortars to cover the BLACK LINE from 0. to plus 15., provided the wind is then between North West and South West. The decision as to the employment of Smoke will rest with the Officer in charge of the 4" Stokes.


1.     Battalion Headquarters will be established at S.27.b.6 1/2.8 3/4. and will be marked by a Blue, Yellow and Black Flag in the trench.


1.     Battalion Dump will be established on the West side of COMMONS CRATER.

2.     Company Dumps will be established in the intermediate and Final Objective immediately on arrival.


1.     Zero hour will be notified later.


1.    Contact Aeroplanes will fly at the following hour

(a)     Zero plus 50 minutes.

(b)     Zero plus 2 hours.

Details as to Contact Aeroplanes work have been issued.


1.     Brigade Time will be sent out by Runner at about 5.30 p.m. and 12.20 a.m. daily.


1.     Reports to battalion Headquarters.

Issued by Runner at _______

Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Copy No. 1. - 7TH. C.I.B.
2. - P.P.C.L.I.
3. - 49TH. Battalion E.R.
4. - 4TH C.M.R. Battalion.
5. - 7TH. F.C.C.E.
6. - 7TH. C.M.G. Company.
7. - 7TH. T.M. Battery.
8. - Brigade. Wirers.
9. - "A" Co.
10. - "B" Co.
11. - "C" Co.
12. - "D" Co.
13. - Lewis Gun Officer.
14. - Bombing Officer.
15. - Scout Officer.
16. - Signalling Officer.
17. - Medical Officer.
18 to 20. - War Diary.

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