The First World War
War Diary of The Royal Canadian Regiment

Transcription by Captain Michael O'Leary, The RCR.

APRIL 1916.

1-4-16 - Boosboom

Strength on 1-4-16 31 Officers, 973 Other Ranks.

Captain Cock Transferred to 7th. Canadian Inf. Brigade.
Lieut F.D. McCrea, Invalided.
Lieut. A.C. Campbell, Invalided.
S.S. H.J. Beard, promoted to Temporary Lieut.
S.M. H. Phillips, Promoted to Temporary Lieut.

Weather fine, warm, cold at night.

2-4-16 - Boosboom

Weather fine, warm, night warmer.

3-4-16 - Boosboom

Weather fine, warm, night cooler.

Lieuts. V.W.S. Heron, H.W. Davis, J.S. Woods, reported for duty.
No. 477178 Pte Clayton, E.A. Killed in Action at H.14.a.6.7 by enemy shell fire. Buried at G.5.d.9.2. (CVWM)
No. 477831 Pte SHAWE, J. Wounded in Action at H.14.a.6.7. by Enemy shell fire.

4-4-16 - Boosboom

Weather cloudy and cold.

5-4-16 - Boosboom

Operation Order No. 1 of 4th instant is attached marked 1. R.C.R. moved from Rest Billets Camp C. at G.18.a. Sheet 28 at 5.30 p.m. "B", "C", "D" coy's to BELGIAN CHATEAU (H.23.b.) and relieved 4th. Battalion C.M.R. "A" Coy. moved from Rest Billets, Camp C at 5.15 p.m. to ZILLEBEKE DUGOUTS (I.21.b.) Enemy Artillery very active during night of 5th/6th, Shells fell all around CHATEAU. No damage done. Weather fine but cool.

6-4-16 - Trenches

No. 477315 Pte T. FOSTER, Wounded in the abdomen G.S. at RAILWAY DUGOUTS at 1 a.m.
No. 477568 Pte W.E. MAHONEY, Killed in dugout at BELGIAN CHATEAU (H.23.b.) by enemy shell fire Buried 7-4-16 at H.11.d.9.1. (CVWM)
No. 477311 Pte E. FORREST wounded by enemy shell fire.
No. 477241 Pte DENNY, wounded by enemy shell fire.

Weather Cloudy and Cool.

7-4-16 - Trenches

Weather fine.

No. 477132 Pte CROSSMAN, R. Wounded. G.S. wound. (incorrect regt no)
No. 478028 Pte WOODCOCK, J.B. wounded.
No. 477987 Pte WHITE, J. wounded.
No. 477277 Pte EDWARDS, J. Wounded. (By enemy shell fire).

8-4-16 - Trenches

Weather fine.

No. 477474 Pte JONES, D.V. Wounded on working party. G.S. wound.
No. 477104 Pte BREWER, E.G. Wounded on Guard by enemy shell fire. H.24.a.3.7.
No. 477275 Pte EDMUNDSON, R. Wounded on Guard by enemy shell fire. H.24.a.3.7.
No. 477757 Pte RANKIN, W. wounded in Dugout by enemy shell fire. H.24.a.3.7.
No. 478012 Pte WILSON, E. wounded by enemy shell fire.
No. 477578 Pte MASON, E. Wounded by enemy shell fire.
No. 477518 Pte LAVIN, T. wounded by enemy shell fire.
No. 477903 Pte TANNER, J.F. wounded by enemy shell fire.
No. 477454 Pte JACKSON, A. wounded in Action by enemy shell fire.

Heavy shelling at intervals throughout the day in vicinity BELGIAN CHATEAU and dugouts.

No. 477810 Pte V. SABAN Wounded by enemy shell fire.
No. 477593 Pte R.D. MITCHELL Wounded by enemy shell fire.
No. 477253 Pte J.C. DOLAN Wounded by enemy shell fire.

9-4-16 - Trenches

Weather fine and warmer.

No. 442248 Pte E.K. TRAFFORD, wounded G.S. in knee.
No. 477848 Pte E. SMART, Wounded.
No. 477604 Pte J. MORRIS, Wounded.

10-4-16 - Trenches

Weather fine and warm. Three Officers and 19 O.R. proceeded on Leave. Lieut. ZIEGLER, and Lieut. TOBIE proceeded to Brigade and ceased to be attached for Rations and Accommodation.

11-4-16 - Trenches

Weather fine and warm.

12-4-16 - Trenches

Rain all day. Cooler. "C" Company moved from Dugouts at BELGIAN CHATEAU to ZILLEBEEK DUGOUTS in accordance with Relief table attached.

13-4-16 - Trenches

Relief order No. 7 attached. R.C.R. moved from BELGIAN CHATEAU (H.23.b. Sheet 28) at 7.30 p.m. to relieve 42nd Battalion R.H.C. in the Trenches. Right sector. Left Brigade. R.H.Q. SANCTUARY WOOD ( I.24.b.3.7.)

Trench distribution:
"A" Coy. less one platoon, T.63, One platoon (?handwritten insertion?).
"C" Coy. T.64, 65, 66, and APPENDIX.
"D" Coy. R.S.2, R.17, B.8s.

Relief completed 11. p.m. P.P.C.L.I. on our left 1st C.M.R. on our right. Weather cool and damp. Wind light west. Enemy quiet.

14-4-16 - Trenches

Weather dull and cool. Situation quiet. Wind West. About 5.00 p.m. 10 shells, enemy, were dropped in the close proximity of R.H.Q. one missing the Mess dugout by 3 yards.

No. 477087 Pte C.G. BOOTH, wounded G.S.

15-4-16 - Trenches

Weather cold and dull. Wind N. to N.E. Situation quiet.
No. 477570 Pte I. MARENGEUR, Wounded, G.S.

16-4-16 - Trenches

Weather fine and warmer. Wind W. Situation quiet. Our Artillery and Trench Mortar Battery put on a stunt and did considerable damage to BIRDCAGE opposite T.63. very little retaliation.

No. 401830 Pte R.H.LANE, Wounded G.S.
No. 477988 Sgt. J.L. WHITE Wounded by flare from VERY pistol.
No. 422027 Pte J.E. BROWN, Wounded, G.S.
Lieut. Col. A.H. Macdonell, D.S.O., proceeded on Command to take over 5th Canadian infantry Brigade.
Major E.K. EATON took over temporary Command of the Battalion.

17-4-16 - Trenches

Weather cloudy and wet. Situation quiet. Wind Mild S.W.

Captains G. DWYER and H.P. BELL and Lieuts. A.S. CHURCHILL and T.F. MORRISON of 40th Battalion reported for duty till instructions are received.

No. 477809 Pte T. RYAN Wounded in heel G.S. Self-inflicted.
No. 477786 Pte C. ROBINSON Wounded, G.S.
No. 477950 L/Cpl N.P. VROOM, Wounded, G.S.

Companies interchanged. "B" Company took over from "A" Company and "D" Coy. took over from "C" Coy. in the front line.

Lieut F.R.L. de Salis to duty from Command as Instructor at HAVRE.

No. 477770 Pte C. REYNOLDS, Wounded, Shrapnel, T.63.
No. 477217 Pte A. DALE, Wounded.
No. 477827 Cpl. G SHARPLES, Wounded G.S., R.E. Training.

18-4-16 - Trenches

Weather dull, rather wet. Wind W. fresh. Situation quiet.

No. 477658 Pte J.H. McNEIL, Killed at 1 a.m. G.S. trench 63, in head (through shrapnel helmet) Buried at I.23.d.8.8. (CVWM)
No. 442244 Pte E.A. PALMER, Wounded G.S. at R.S.3.

19-4-16 - Trenches

Weather dull. Some rain. Wind W. to S.W. Situation quiet.

Captain A.E. WILLOUGHBY returned from Command (with 9th Scottish Division).
No. 406112 Pte J.J. KENNY, Wounded, G.S. in head. At APPENDIX.
No. 478503 Pte G.S. ALLEN, Wounded, G.S. in head. On working party. At APPENDIX.

20-4-16 - Trenches

Weather dull. Some rain. Wind W. Fresh. Situation quiet.

No. 406112 Pte J.J. KENNY, Died of wounds at MAIN DRESSING STATION. Buried at C.12.b.6.8. Sheet 28. (CVWM)
No. 477625 Pte F. MUTCH, Wounded G.S. At GOUROCK ROAD. In dugout.
Drafts of 16 O.R. and 17 O.R. from base Hospital reported this day.
Major E.K. EATON Relinquished Command of the battalion.
Major C.H. HILL assumes Command of the Battalion.
Lieut. R.B. PENNIMAN reported from duty from Hospital overseas.

21-4-16 - Trenches

Weather cloudy, Wind S.W. Light. Situation Quite. R.C.R. relieved by 43rd Battalion, Relief complete, 12.20 a.m. Battalion moved into rest camp. Camp "E" (H.19.1. Sheet 28).

22-4-16 - Camp "E"


23-4-16 - Camp "E"


24-4-16 - Camp "E"

At about 4.00 a.m. a Hostile aircraft drops 3 Bombs on Camp "E" occupied by R.C.R. One Bomb making a direct hit on one of the huts inflicting casualties to the extent of Killed 3 O.R. Wounded 31 O.R.


477799 Pte ROSS, J.H. (CVWM)
477758 Pte RANKIN, W. (CVWM)
477884 Pte STEWART, T. (CVWM)


477900 Pte SYLVESTER, J.
477713 Pte PECKITT, A.
477796 Pte ROSS, D.
477326 Pte FENNINGS, F.
454155 Pte WALKER, A.
477795 Pte ROSS, A.
477666 L/Cpl. NEARING, J.J.
477159 Pte CARSON, A.C.
477916 Pte THOMAS, J.B.
477980 Pte WESTON, L.N.H.
406086 Pte GREGORY, E.
477355 Pte GOULD, R.
477547 Pte BLOM, H. (Note : Soldier's name incorrect, this service number is Pte. H. LONG, see also entry for 26-4-16.)
477564 Pte MADDISON, C.A.
477656 Pte McMORROW, W.E.
477485 Pte KELLY, S.
406138 Pte MONEY, A.
x 477775 Pte RICHMOND, J.H.
477807 L/Cpl. RUSSELL, E.N.K.
477636 L/Cpl. McEWEN, W. H.
477887 Cpl. STIRLING, J.
477927 Pte TREUSCH, H.
477567 Pte MAQUIRE, J.A.
477661 Pte McQUEEN, J.F.
478631 Pte DALE, G.W.
477903 Pte TANNER, J.F.
477806 Pte RUSSELL, T.W.
477735 Pte POWELL, R.
477253 Pte DOLAN, J.C.
478510 Pte CAMPBELL, D.J.
477480 Pte KANE, C.

X No. 477775 Pte RICHMOND, J.A. Died of Wounds. (CVWM)

The three men killed were buried this day at B.12.b.6.8. (BRANDHOEK CEMETERY) Sheet 28, BELGIUM and FRANCE.

25-4-16 - Camp "E"

No. 477775 Pte RICHMOND, J.H. Buried this day at G-4-c-4-3.

26-4-16 - Camp "E"

The following O.R. Wounded on 24th instant have since died of wounds:-

454155 Pte A. WALKER. (CVWM)
477980 Pte L.N. WESTON. 24-4 (CVWM)
477795 Pte A. ROSS. 24-4 (CVWM)
477547 Pte H. LONG. 24-4 (CVWM)
477564 Pte C.A. MADDISON. 24-4 (CVWM)
477636 L/Cpl. H. McEWEN. 24-4 (CVWM)

27-4-16 - Camp "E"

No. 442238 Pte WILEY, R. Killed on working party at R.S.3 near YPRES. (CVWM)

28-4-16 - Camp "E"

No. 442238 Pte WILEY, R. Buried at I.9.d.2.5. MENIN ROAD, Sheet 28. 

7 reinforcements and one from Hospital reported this day from Base.

29-4-16 - Camp "E"

7th Canadian Infantry Brigade relieved 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade. R.C.R. became Brigade Reserve.

30-4-16 - Camp "E"


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