149.     Officers commanding units are responsible that all details of their units arriving at, or leaving the station are met, or seen off by a representative and that, where necessary, transport and quarters are provided.

    The representative will be an officer if the details exceed 20 rank and file, otherwise a N.C. Officer.

150.     Applications for railway transportation will be made to the D.A.A.G., except in urgent cases, at least 48 hours before they are required.


151.     When necessary application for quarters will be sent to the officer in charge of barracks. This should, if possible, be made in sufficient time to admit of quarters being ready on the arrival at the station of the person for whom they are required.

(a)     Quarters will be retained during absence on leave or furlough, unless it is known before the occupant leaves the station that he will not return.

(b)     N.C.O. and men are not entitled to special married quarters, though, subject to the following conditions; the choice of vacant quarters will be by seniority.

Number of rooms exclusive of of scullery. - For allotment to a N.C.O. or man with:

2No children.
21 child.
32 or 3 children.
44 or more children, with one or more above the age of 10, or if of different rex.

The above table will however only apply when the number of rooms are available.

When alloting quarters, the number of children, their sex and ages, will all be taken into consideration.

(c)     N.C. Officers and men will, at all times, be required to occupy any unmarried quarters, that can be suitably allotted to them, unless authorized to draw lodging allowance or consolidate rates of pay.

(d)     Except in Barracks, solely occupied by one unit, vacant married quarters, and those no longer required for occupation, will be handed over to the Officers in charge of Barracks.

(e)     Officers commanding corps will notify, as they occur, the departure from the station of any officers, W.O.'s, N.C.O.'s and men, to the O.C, Bks., stating each particular quarter vacated.

(f)     Married N.C. Officers and men are forbidden to have any relations living in public quarters with them, without permission. Passes for this purpose, for a short period, may be granted by O's. Comdg.; in special cases on the recommendation of the medical officer, for longer periods. All passes granted for this purpose, will be reported to the D.A.A.G. These reports will show the number of days for which the pass has been granted, or extended.

152.     Paylists of Officers, W.O's, N.C.O's and men, which include claim for lodging allowance, will be sent to the O.C. Bks. for verification, not later than the 25th of each month.

153.     Coal and oil may be obtained on repayment through canteens, from the contractor, at contract rate. The requisitions to be sent to the O.C., C.P.A.S.C. Payment for these supplies must be made direct to the contractor after the end of the month.

154.     Sweeping chimneys will be performed on the dates published monthly in fortress orders, and certificates on Army form F. 770 will be rendered to the O. in charge of barracks immediately after the service is completed. C.O's are responsible that the chimneys of all buildings in their charge are swept on the appointed days. Damage arising from chimneys remaining unswept will be charged against the occupant of the quarter.

155.     The exchange of sheets and bolster cases will carried out by the corps in garrison, as follows:

R.C.G.A.1st and 15th.
R.C.E.2nd and 16th.
Staff Corps and Departments.3rd and 17th.
Infantry Battalion.4th and 18th.
Station Hospital.Weekly.

    The usual monthly exchange of utensils and furniture will take place on the same dates as in the second column above.

    When the above mentioned dates fall on Sunday the exchange will take place one day later. Requisitions for the exchange of articles on Army Form F. 765, will be sent to the Barrack Office forty-eight hours before the exchange.

156.     Skating rinks will not be flooded without previous reference to the Officer in charge of Barracks.

    A charge of $10.00, for the season, is imposed by the civil authorities for this service.

157.     Ash bins shall be kept closed in all weathers.

158.     The following returns are due in the Barrack Office, as under:

Description.Army Form.When due.
Barrack occupation lodging money return.B 1011st of each month.
Abstract of numbers on married establishment.B 18021st of each year.

159.     Militia Forms B. 23 and B. 164 (in duplicate) will be forwarded by O.C. units to O.C., C.P.A.S.C. not later than the 4th of each month following the period to which they apply. All requisitions for fuel and light are to be rendered in original only.

160.     Requisitions for lime and other disinfectants are to be forwarded to the O.C., C.P.A.S.C., in duplicate, accompanied by a medical officer's certificate as to the necessity of the issue.


161.     Requisitions for transport on any day (except Monday) will be sent to the officer in charge of transport, on Militia Form, by noon the day before it is required. On Monday it will be requisitioned for by noon on the previous Saturday.

162.     Requisitions received after the above-mentioned hours will only be attended to in very urgent cases, particulars being stated on the requisitions.

163.     The O.C., C.P.A.S.C. when detailing transport will, whenever practicable, arrange to combine as many services as possible. In order to work one service with another he will, when practicable, alter the day or hour on which transport is requisitioned, notifying the proposed change to all concerned.

164.     An A.S.C. steamer makes circular trips daily (Sundays excepted) according to a time-table issued by the officer in charge of transport, to all concerned.

165.     All officers and their families, N.C.O's. and men, are permitted to make use of these circular trips, preference being at all times given to those on duty. A limited number of civilians, provided with passes, will be allowed on board on production of their passes whenever their presence in no wise incommodes the military passengers.

166.     During the summer months a trip is run to and from MacNab's Island on Saturday afternoons for the benefit of married families of the garrison. Passes for each Saturday afternoon will be issued by all C.O's, who will direct that these passes are not transferred to unauthorized persons.

167,     The pilots of the A.S.C. vessels are held, responsible that the orders given them, copies of which are hung up in the pilot houses, are duly observed, and officers and others are required to give them every assistance in ensuring compliance.

168.     A boat will be run on the 3rd or 4th of each month to Camperdown, and all transport is to be arranged as far as practicable to be carried out on this day.

169.     Transport to Melville is to be, as far as practicable, by car to Jubilee Pier, and then by ferry boats, as long as the boat is able to ply between these places. In no case are cabs to be used without authority.

170.     O.C. Units, when requisitioning for transport required for the purpose of conveying barrack utensils, &c., to the barrack store for exchange, will attach a list thereto, showing the number and description of the articles referred to therein.

171.     After the requisition for transport is made out, no alteration, or interlineation will be allowed.

172.     All letters and official parcels intended for, or from, outposts must be handed to the pilots of the vessels and receipt obtained, orderlies should be detailed to meet the incoming boat, in order to ensure the safe and early delivery of letters, &c. Under no circumstances should letters be left at the King's Wharf without notifying the caretaker.

173.     All claims for hotel, subsistence, fuel and light, or lodging allowance in connection with officers, W.O's., N.C.O's, and men will be submitted to the Senior A.S.C. officer, M.P., for his certificate as their to correctness and justness before they are forwarded to Headquarters for payment.


174.     Requisitions for rations will reach the Supply Office by 9.30 a.m. at the latest on the day of issue.

175.     In summer meat will be issued at 6.30 a.m. on the day it is consumed, and in winter at 10 a.m. on the day previous.

    Change of hours will be notified in fortress orders.

176.     The following instructions will be observed in dealing with meat issued to troops:­

(a)     All meat on receipt will be hung up in bulk in the quartermaster's store.

(b)     The meat will be divided into messes on the day on which it is to be cooked.

(c)     If the meat, or any article of grocery ration, becomes tainted after issue and previous to its being cut up or divided into messes, the O.C. the corps will report to the officer in charge of supplies, who will, if he concurs authorize a fresh supply. Should he not concur, he will apply to headquarters for instructions. Bread and groceries will be issued at 2 p.m. on the day previous to its consumption; two days' supply being indented for and issued on Saturdays.

177.     If the rations, whilst in camp are not satisfactory, the O.C. detachment will telephone to the quartermaster of his unit, who will inform the officer in charge of supplies, Glacis Barracks.


178.     Forage will be indented for monthly in advance. Indents will reach the supply office at least three days before the end of the month, previous to that for which it is required and will specify the number of rations to be issued.

179.     Delivery will be made from the store on the first day of each month after haying been inspected by the officer in charge of supplies. If the first of the month falls on a Sunday. the issue will take place on the day following. A representative of the above named officer will be in attendance at the store from 10 a.m. to superintend the issue of that day.

180.     The grooms of officers drawing forage should attend at this hour to see the forage weighed.