The Canadian Army Reading List - Version 1, September 2001
Introduction - Doctrine - Military Theory - Canadian Military Heritage - Military History - Campaign and Battle Studies - Leadership - The Human Factor - Technology - Future Warfare - Peacekeeping - Politics, International Relations and Economics - Ethics, Domestic Issues and Social Trends - Fiction

Future Warfare

Jockel, Joseph T. The Canadian Forces: Hard Choices, Soft Power. Toronto The Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, 1999. ISBN 0-919769-91.

The dawn of the twenty-first century find Canadian foreign and defence policy activism at its peak. Canadian troops and diplomats are at the forefront of numerous operations and initiatives. This study, by an American specialist on Canadian defence matters, examines the ability of the Canadian Forces to sustain these efforts in light of limited resources and increasing demands.

Leonhard, Robert R. The Principles of War for the Information Age. Novat Presidio Press, 1998. ISBN 0-89141-647-1.

Has technological change made current military precepts and doctrine obsolete? By examining the roots of the current principles of war, the author attempts to offer a vision of twenty-first century conflict.

Siegel, Pascale Combelles. Target Bosnia: Integrating Information Activities in Peace Operations : Nato-Led Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, December 1995-1997. Department of Defense Command and Control Research Program, 2000. ISBN 1-57906-008-0.