The Canadian Army Reading List - Version 1, September 2001
Introduction - Doctrine - Military Theory - Canadian Military Heritage - Military History - Campaign and Battle Studies - Leadership - The Human Factor - Technology - Future Warfare - Peacekeeping - Politics, International Relations and Economics - Ethics, Domestic Issues and Social Trends - Fiction

Ethics, Domestic Issues and Social Trends

Adams, Michael. Sex in the snow: Canadian Social Values at the End of the Millennium.  Toronto Penguin Books Canada Ltd, 1997. ISBN 0-670-87173-7.

A portrait of the nation’s values in light of the revolutionary changes brought on by our times.

Denton, Edgar III. Limits of Loyalty. Waterloo Wilfred Laurier Press, 1980.

A series of essays examining various facets of the loyalty of the armed forces to the state. From the 1979 Royal Military College symposium on the same subject.

Wakin, Malham M., Editor. War, Morality and the Military Profession. Boulder and London: Westview Press, 1986. ISBN 0-8133-0360-5.

An anthology on two related topics: the military profession and morality and war. Articles stress the ethical dimensions of the military profession and the conflict between military values and societal norms. The second part covers the moral issues associated with warfare.