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The Militia Camp; 24 Sept 1885
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The Militia Camp; 24 Sept 1885

A Windy Night Under Canvas
The Review

The county inspector has had several of the keepers of canteens summoned for selling liquor without a license at the camp ground.

The London Advertiser, London, Ont., 24 September 1885

Tuesday night proved a stormy one in camp [on Carling's farm, present location of Wolseley Barracks, London, Ontario]. The cold wind whistled through the openings in the canvas tents, and the scant bedding proved but poor protection against it. The only way of warming themselves that proved effectual was to get up and execute a war dance round the tent, and this is neither pleasant nor practicable in a twelve foot space with ten men sleeping in it. During the early part of the evening the brigade headquarters went by the board, the wind having ripped the large marquee all up one side. The wreck was removed from the ground, and the headquarters moved to the Quartermaster's tent, where they are now to be found. The wind also damaged the marquee of the 25th Battalion, and played other pranks around the camp.

The Review

About 12,000 or 15,000 persons assembled at the camp grounds yesterday to witness the review. Every train that came in during the morning brought hundreds of visitors, and Elgin, Perth, Oxford, Essex, Kent and Wellington were all fully represented. General Middleton rode on the parade grounds punctually on time and was accompanied by Lieut.-Col. Clarke, Lieut.-Col. Aylmer, Lieut.-Col. Peters, Lieut.-Col. Dawson; Major Miller and Capt. Wise, acting as aide de camps.

The first portion of the review consisted of a march past, which took place just at the foot of the hill. In this the cavalry came first, followed by the artillery, and next the infantry, with the Oxford Rifles first. The march past was done with precision, the men passing the saluting point as even as a a wall. The double past followed, which was equally well accomplished, and then came the sham battle. The troops were all drawn up on the eastern end of the ground, and the plan of battle was to dislodge an imaginary enemy at the western end. The action commenced by the cavalry scouts advancing to locate the enemy, and after uncovering them and exchanging a few shots they fell back and a battery of artillery were sent forward on the right. In the mean time a flank movement had been executed on the left with another battery of artillery, who gained the crest of the hill and their fire forced the enemy back, and enabled the battery of the left to again advance. After the artillery had done all it could toward dislodging the enemy, the 22nd Oxford Rifles were thrown forward in skirmishing order, and succeeded in driving the enemy still further back. Then the 28th and 30th, who had been held in reserve, came forward and completed the enemy's defeat. The 21st, 24th and 25th fired a few volleys after the flying foes, and the engagement was at an end. General Middleton afterwards proceeded to the brigade headquarters, where he gathered the staff officers around, and complimented them very highly upon the manner in which their various corps had acted. He expressed himself as greatly pleased with the whole of the afternoon's work.

Notes (selected from those published)

A well-known Colonel of one of the infantry regiments wandered into the wrong lines the other night. He was rather surprised when the sentry ran him in the guard room, but upon explanation a release followed.

The total strength of the brigade is now placed at 1,971 non-commissioned officers and men, 170 officers, including the brigade staff, and 252 horses. The brigade is only 39 men short of its full strength.

The county inspector has had several of the keepers of canteens summoned for selling liquor without a license at the camp ground.

Canadian Army Battle Honours

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