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Monday, 7 December 2015

Establishment of Petawawa
Topic: Canadian Militia

Establishment of Petawawa

From the Orders-in-Council documents archived on line by Library and Archives Canada, we find this memorandum on the acquisition of land near Petawawa, Ontario, to establish a firing range for artillery and rifles.

"On a memorandum dated 14th March 1907 from the Minister of Militia and Defence reporting the urgent necessity for the defence of Canada of acquiring and area of ground conveniently situated to the capital upon which the artillery of the militia may safely practice with the long range guns with which they are armed and where the infantry may be trained to use their rifles under modern service conditions.

"The Minister states that he has caused a number of localities in Ontario and Quebec to be examined and reported upon by competent officers, with a view to the selection of the most suitable area, and having considered the reports and all the circumstances of the case, he is of the opinion that the area hereinafter described situate within the Province of Ontario is the most suitable one for the purpose.

"The Minister is informed that there are certain outstanding timber licenses issued by the Government of Ontario conferring the right upon the licensees for the present to cut the trees growing upon the said lands.

"Portions of the said lands are also in the possession of settlers who are entitled upon the performance of further settlement duties, or upon making further payments to the Government of Ontario, to obtain patents for the lands so occupied by them.

"Except as to the aforesaid rights of the timber licensees and of the settlers in possession, the said lands are absolutely in His Majesty under the administration of the Government of Ontario.

"British North America Act, 1867 - Enactment no. 1

117. The several Provinces shall retain all their respective Public Property not otherwise disposed of in this Act, subject to the Right of Canada to assume any Lands or Public Property required for Fortifications or for the Defence of the Country. (Source)

"The Minister further states that it is not intended by the present recommendation to interfere with the existing rights of the said timber licensees or with the present interests of the settlers in possession, but he recommends that, subject to these rights and interests as they now exist, all the lands hereinafter described be, under the authority of section 117 of the British North America Act, 1867, assumed by Your Excellency in the right of the Government of Canada for the defence of the country.

"The lands recommended to be so assumed are described as follows:—

"All that parcel or tract of land situate and being within the Province of Ontario, bounded:—

  • on the South by the South Branch of the Petawawa River,
  • on the North by the boundary line between Concessions 8 and 9 of the Township of Wylie, the Chalk River to the boundary line between the Townships of Wylie and Buchanan, the line between Concessions 7 and 8, of the Township of Buchanan, the line between lots 18 and 19, Range A, and lots 18 and 19, Range B, of said Township of Buchanan,
  • on the East by the Ottawa River, and
  • on the West by the Western boundary of the Townships of MacKay and Wylie.

"The whole being portions of the Townships of Petawawa, MacKay, Wylie and Buchanan in the County of Renfrew, in the Province of Ontario.

"The Minister further recommends that the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario be notified by the Secretary of State of the assumption of said lands for the purposes aforesaid.

"The Committee submit the same for approval."

Signed by the Prime Minister, Wilfred Laurier, the Order-in-Council document was counter-signed in approval by the Governor-General, Lord Grey.

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