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85th Cdn Inf Bn – Platoon Competition
Topic: CEF

85th Canadian Infantry Battalion
(Nova Scotia Highlanders)

Platoon Competition

85th Canadian Infantry Battalion War Diary, February 1919, Appendix 4

I.     Platoon Organization (100 points total)

Divided in the following manner:—

(a) Knowledge by men of their Section Commander, Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Commander, Company Officers, Battalion and Brigade Commanding Officers.10 points
(b) Knowledge of men by Platoon Commander, of names, residences, and previous occupation.20 points
(c) Knowledge by Section Commanders of names, residences, and previous occupation of all men in their section.10 points (for each section)
(d) Knowledge by men of order of seniority in their own section, down to 3rd in Command of sections.10 points
(e) Knowledge by Officer, Platoon Sergeant, and Section Commanders of order of seniority in Platoon and Section, down to and including 2nd i/c of sections. Section Commanders not required to know seniority below Section Commanders of other sections than their own.20 points

II.     Dress, Personnel, Equipment, Arms, and S.A.A. (200 points total)

One or more points will be deducted for each of the following irregularities:—

(a)     Cap badge not properly braced on inside of cap.

(b)     Collar or shoulder badges not put on in the regulation manner or badges missing.

(c)     Buttons undone.

(d)     Kilt not put on straight.

(e)     Hose top — Improper amount of "turnover".

(f)     Flashes — incorrect position and incorrect length showing.

(g)     Puttees — improperly wound around leg; or ends of puttee not pointing to rear, or edge of puttee ragged or frayed.

(h)     Feathers — ragged edges.

(i)     Unmended or dirty tunic or kilt — 1 to 4 points.

(j)     Equipment does not fit snugly.

(k)     Cross straps not in proper relative position, i.e., right over left.

(l)     Short straps on ball pouches hanging loose or pouches not fastened.

(m)     "D" buckles on cross straps not in proper position.

(n)     Steel of bayonet and bayonet scabbard not burnished.

(o)     Ammunition, deficient or not polished. — 1 to 5 points.

(p)     Dirty brass — 1 to 5 points.

(q)     Dirty rifle — 1 to 5 points.

(r)     Deficient oil bottle or pull through — 1 to 3 points.

(s)     Hair not cut or unshaven — 1 to 5 points.

(t)     Boots not blackened or not laced properly — 1 to 3 points.

(u)     Other irregularities, not noted above — 1 to 5 points.

III.     Officers and N.C.O's. (75 points total)

Points will be deducted if words of command are not given clearly or if they are given too hurriedly; or if Officer or N.C.O. giving command stands in a "slouchy" attitude.

IV.     Drill. (495 points total)

A.     Fall in:— (50 points)

Regulation method as laid down in Battalion to be used. Points will be deducted for any irregularity.

B.     Manual of Arms:— (220 points)

(a) For Inspection — Port Arms20 points
(b)Examine Arms20 points
(c)Ease springs and order arms.
This movement men will be cautioned to remain at the examine arms instead of automatically "ordering arms" after "easing springs."
20 points
(d)Fix Bayonets.20 points
(e)Slope Arms.20 points
(f)Present Arms.20 points
(g)Slope arms from present.10 points
(h)Order Arms.20 points
(i)Unfix bayonets.20 points
(j)Pile arms.20 points
(k)Unpile arms.20 points
(l)Stand at ease.10 points


(a) March Past in Column of Route20 points
(b)March Past in Line20 points
(c)50 points will be given for march past in column of route. Points will be deducted for (1) not swinging arms properly, i.e., straight from shoulder. (2) Not turning head and eyes toward inspecting officer, or any other irregularities in the movement. 
(d)75 points will be given for march past in line. 

D.     Squad Drill:— (100 points)

Platoon will be formed up as a Squad.

E.     Section and Platoon Drill Including Casualty Drill (100 points)

Points will be deducted for:—

(a)     Lack of control by unit commander.

(b)     Any other irregularity.


Platoon Commanders to have a written parade state with them. This will be handed over to the judges when the platoons "Fall In."

Platoons to be organized on a four (4) section basis.

Platoon Commander and Platoon Sergeant will each have a Platoon Roll Book. Each of the four Section Commanders will have a Section Roll Book.

Platoon Roll Books will contain the following information about each man in platoon:—

(1)Regt. No.
(3)Name, surname first.
(5)Date of enlistment.
(6)Married or single.
(8)Previous occupation.
(9)Date of first arrival in France.
(10)Special qualifications — Course, etc.
(12)Residence at time of enlistment.
(13)Relationship, name and address of next of kin.

In "Remarks" the "Shows" man has been in with Battalion.

Section Roll Books will contain the following information for each man:—

(1)Regt. No.
(3)Name, surname first.
(4)Billet No.

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