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Routine for Defaulters (1968)
Topic: Discipline

Among the minor punishments that might be awarded to a soldier charged under the Code of Service Discipline were "Confinement to Barracks" and "Extra Work and Drill," which landed a soldier on parade as a Defaulter. Either of these, which might last a few days to a fortnight, or longer if poor performance as a defaulter led to new charges and additional periods of punishment. Defaulters Parade was meant to reinforce military discipline and instill habits of routine in marginal or disorderly soldiers. While it no doubt had the desired effect on many, others eventually came to see a fortnight as a Defaulter as a forced period of saving toward their next binge. The following were the regulations for defaulters at The Royal Canadian Regiment Depot, published in 1968.

Royal Candian Regiment cap badge

The RCR Depot existed as a training unit of the Canadian Army at Wolseley Barracks, London, Ontario, from 1953 to 1968. After this period, infantry soldiers for The Royal Canadian Regiment were trained at The RCR Battle School in Petawawa until 1995 when it moved to LFCA TC Meaford and was absorbed by that base/unit.

Standing Orders
The Royal Canadian Regiment Depot
London, Ontario
January 1968

Article 5.11 Routine for Defaulters

1.     Defaulters are confined to the area of Wolseley Barracks which is the fenced-in area bounded by Elizabeth Street on the WEST, Oxford Street on the NORTH, Sterling Street on the EAST, and the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks and 6 Area Ordnance Depot on the SOUTH.

2.     Defaulters are NOT allowed the privileges of the WET CANTEEN or the Coffee Bar and shall only be allowed to use the Dry Canteen during morning break and then only to purchase necessities.

3.     All personnel in Open Custody shall report on Staff Parade and at regular intervals until 2300 hrs or at such other times as ordered by the Depot Orderly Sergeant. Dress Roll Call Order.

4.     All personnel undergoing Medical Confinement to Barracks shall report on Staff Parade and at 1800 hrs and every hour thereafter until 2300 hrs. Dress Roll Call Order.

Parades – Daily Except Sat, Sun & Holidays

5.     a.     At 0600 hrs defaulters will be inspected by the Depot Orderly Sergeant. Dress will be Roll Call Order, rifle and bayonet.

b.     At 1745 hrs defaulters will report to the Depot Orderly Sergeant at No. 1 Barrack Block. He will inspect them and will then parade them to "B" Square for a period of drill from 1800 hrs to 1900 hrs. Dress shall be Training Dress, Battle Order with Rifles and Bayonets. (Rifles will not be carried by troops who have not received rifle drill.) This drill shall be of an instructional nature bearing in mind that each soldier may be at a different level of training.

c.     At 1930 hrs defaulters shall report to the Depot Orderly Sergeant and shall be employed on fatigues under supervision of the Depot Orderly Sergeant or the Depot Duty NCO until 2100 hrs.

d.     At 2300 hrs he shall report to the Depot Orderly Sergeant in Roll Call Order.

Saturday, Statutory and Regimental Holidays

6.     a.     At 0700 hrs defaulters will parade on "B" Square for 1 hrs dill. Dress will be Training Dress, Battle Order, Rifles and Bayonets. At 0900 hrs defaulters shall parade at the Depot Duty NCO's Room for Roll Call and inspection dressed in fatigue clothing and shall be employed on fatigues until 1200 hrs.

b.     At 1330 hrs defaulters will parade at the Depot Duty NCO's Room dressed in fatigue clothing and shall be employed on fatigues under the supervision of the Depot Duty NCO until 1630 hrs.

c.     At 1800 hrs defaulters will report to the Depot Duty NCO office dressed in fatigue clothing and shall be employed on fatigues under the supervision of the Depot Duty NCO until 2130 hrs.

d.     At 2200 and 2300 hrs defaulters shall report to the Depot Orderly Sergeant dressed in Roll Call Order.

e.      Depot Duty NCO will check at different places of employment several times Saturday and Sunday to ensure CB men are diligently employed.

Parades – Sunday

7.     a.     At 0700 hrs defaulters shall parade to the Depot Orderly Sergeant for Roll Call and inspection. Dress Roll Call Order.

b.     Defaulters will be required to report to the Depot Orderly Sergeant every 2 hours, on the hour, by day, until Staff Parade at 1800 hrs, then they will be required to report every hour on the hour until 2300 hrs.

c.     Defaulters will go to church on Sunday.

Dress for Defaulters – Battle Order

8.     a.     Web Equipment

Belts Web, Braces web equipment, left and right, two pouches basic, one frog bayonet (if armed with rifle), one carrier water bottle, one carrier, mess tins. Two straps, web supporting (from large pack).

b.     Contents of Pouches

(1)     Right Pouch: Squared up.

(2)     Left Pouch: Razor, shaving brush, toothpaste, comb, soap. One pair boot laces, one cup drinking small.

c.     Bayonet and Scabbard – will be worn on the left side by riflemen only;

d.     Water bottle – in carrier will be worn on right side by riflemen only;

e.     Mess Tins – In Mess tin carrier, worn on left side. Mess tins will contain knife, fork, spoon, cleaning cloth, and ration bag.

f.     Headdress – Appropriate headdress will be worn by defaulters.

g.     Small Pack – The small pack will contain the following items:

  • 1 sweater
  • 1 socks G.S.
  • 1 shirt O.D.
  • 1 hand towel
  • 1 drawers U/S
  • 1 T shirt or singlet U/S
  • 1 Boot brush
  • 1 Silvo
  • 1 Button stick
  • 1 Brass brush
  • 1 Shining cloth
  • 1 Pr Boot laces

Poncho is placed in small pack the same width as the pack and with 2" of poncho showing below flap of SP.

The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

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