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CEF: Training Manuals and Forms
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Instructions Governing
Organization and Administration of CEF Units


Appendix XI

Training Manuals

1.     A supply of the undermentioned Training Manuals are sent from Militia Headquarters, Ottawa, shortly after authority has been granted to raise a Unit of the C.E.F.

  • Infantry Training
  • Musketry Regulations, Parts I and II
  • Field Service Regulations, Parts I and II
  • Field Service Pocket Book
  • Training and Manual Regulations (sic)
  • Manual of Military Law
  • King's Regulations and Orders "Imperial"
  • Rifle and Musketry Exercises, Ross Rifle
  • Handbook of Canadian Service Rifle, Part I
  • Manual of Ceremonial
  • Trumpet or Bugle Sounds
  • Instructions in Bayonet Fighting
  • Manual of Field Engineering
  • Engineer Training
  • Manual of Elementary Military Hygiene
  • Manual of Map Reading
  • Training Manual Signalling
  • Field Service Manual (Infantry)
  • Army Book 153 (Field Message Book, Dismounted Officers)
  • Army Book 155 (Field Message Book, Mounted Officers)

Militia Books and Forms

2.     A supply of the undermentioned Militia Books and Forms can be obtained on application to the Divisional Office.


New Series.

Former No.


B.207C.29Memorandum Form, 6 ½ x 9.
B.211C.72Envelopes, blue, 11 ¼ x 9.
B.215C.17State, marching In and Out.
B.218B.99Discharge, Proceedings of.
B.220A.48Court-Martial, Orders, for Assembly.
B.222B.116Detention Barracks; Commitment to, by Officer Commanding (Order to Officer of N.C.O. in charge of).
B.224B.32Minor-Offence Report.
B.227B.129Medical History of an Invalid.
B.229B.146Test-Messages for Signallers (Pads of 100).
B.234C.69Envelopes, Blue, 9 x 4.
B.237B.25 and C.113Guard Report.
B.239C.80Correspondence sheets, 8 x 13, with heading.
B.259B.12Court of Enquiry, Declaration of.
B.263B.17Conduct Sheet; Regimental.
B.263aB.17Conduct Sheet; Sqd., Troop, Battery or Company.
B.263bB.22Conduct Sheet; Instructions and Specimen Sheet.
B.263cNew Form.Follow sheets to B263.
B.263dNew Form.Follow sheets to B263a.
B.264B.14Charge Sheet.
B.273B.1Absentee Report.
B.289C.23Parade State, daily, all arms except Units of the Permanent Force; (see also Militia Book No. 67).
B.292B.34 and C.93Sick Report; Morning.
B.297B.42Drunkenness, Scales of Fines for.
B.303B.54Board of Officers, or Committee, or Court of Enquiry; Proceedings of.
B.305C.212Telegraphs and Signals; Message Form "A" (pads of 100).
B.307New Form.Church State Parade; Weekly.
B.312A.4Court-Martial; Memo for guidance at.
B.313B.63Medical History Sheet.
B.321B.9Court-Martial; Application for.
B.322B.24Furlough, Authority granting.
B.341C.18Tattoo; Absentee Report.
B.355B.44Court-Martial; Statement of Character, Particulars of Service and Schedule of Convictions of Prisoner.
B.356B.153Deserter; Description to Chief of Police.
B.418New Form.Army Telegraphs and Signals; Message Form "C" (Pads of 25 originals and 25 duplicates).
B.440New Form.Correspondence Sheets, 4to., with Heading.
B.462New Form.Recruiting; Semi-monthly Return of.
B.463New Form.Recruiting; Statement of Results for half month to 16th day.
B.463aNew Form.Recruiting; Statement of Results for 17th day to end of month.
B.464New Form.Envelopes, white 9 x 4, addressed: Headquarters ……… Division or (District).
C.501A.29, A.30, etc.Forms and Books, Militia, Classified List and Requisition for.
C.502New Form.Forms and Books, Militia; Short Form of Demand for.
C.548C.114Size Roll; Special.
C.550New Form.Stationery; Demand Form and List of.
C.552C.23Provisions, etc.; Demand for Rations of, (Pads of 100).
C.566C.32Size-Roll of Clothing of stock sizes. (Pads of 100).
C.573O.3Stores; General Equipment Indent. (Pads of 100).
C.574O.4Stores; Issue and Receipt Vouchers. (Pads of 100).
C.615New Form.Stores; medical; Requisition for. (Pads of 100).
D.811C.52 and C.53Travelling and Hotel Expenses; Claim for.
D.817B.5aCanteen; Stock Account and Proof of Cash (Monthly Return).
D.817aB.5bCanteen; Abstract of Receipt and Expenditures (Monthly Return).
D.840C.83General Allowance Claim.
D.863Acct. Br. 27Postage Account, monthly.
D.873New Form.Promotions, casualties, etc. (Pt II), Regimental Orders.
No. 4 B.69Cash Book and ledger, Troop, Battery or Company ( 4to, 150 folios).
No. 11C.76Guard Book, 11 ½ x 17.
No. 14 B.97Recruits, Register of (200 folios).
No. 15B.132Duty-Roster, Officers; Permanent Force (120 pages).
No. 16C.100Rations; Requisition for (100 per book).
No. 17B.113Memo-Book (daily); Orderly-Sergeants' (5 ½ x 8).
No. 18B.112Duty-Roster; Orderly-Sergeants' (f'cap, 100 pages).
No. 28C.176Nominal Roll and Attendance at Drill; Company (50 folios).
No. 30 C.22Guard-Room, 10 x 15 ½.
No. 33B.73Cells, Visiting Officers' Book (f'cap, 100 pages).
No. 35C.27Correspondence, documentary, Register of (f'cap, 150 folios).
No. 36C.92Order-Book, 8 x 5 (300 pages).
No. 38B.152Orderly's Book; Battery or Company.
No. 40C.105Defaulter's Book (other than Permanent Force) 150 sheets.
No. 42B.121Officers' Service, Record of.
No. 43B.154Conduct Sheets, Cover of.
No. 44B.71Portfolio for Papers (f'cap).
No. 46C.123Postage, Register of (f'cap, 300 pages).
No. 49B.70Cash Account, Pay Sergeants, 6 x 8 ½ (100 folios).
No. 50New BookEquipment ledger; all non-permanent Units (artillery, clothing and personal equipment only) (8-page book).
No. 50fdoAppendix to Equipment (Mil. Book 50), all non-permenant Units (42-page book).
No. 54doSquadron, Battery or Company Book (f'cap 100 folios).
No. 60doPlain foolscap book (3 qr).
No. 62doSection Pocket-Book.
No. 63doPass; temporary absence from Quarters (100 per book).
No. 68doCourts of Enquiry, Record of Declaration (f'cap book, 2 qrs).
No. 69B.68Casualty Book.
W.5New FormReceipts for Payments (CEF Paymasters).
W.6doStatement of amount received and expended by Paymaster (CEF Paymasters).
W.7doPay-List of Officers, N.C.Os and Men (CEF Paymasters).
W.7adoPay-List of Officers (Inside Sheets) (CEF Paymasters).
W.10doAssigned—Pay Cards; for Name, Corps, Address, etc., of soldier.
W.13doField State.
W.14doField Return.
W.20doSheets for Preparation of Nominal Roll.
W.23doAttestation paper, C.E.F.
W.29doMedical Report on Recruits.
W.30doSeparation---Allowance Cards; for Name, Corps, Address, etc., of soldier.
W.38doTransportation at reduced rates; special certificate for C.E.F., Soldiers.
W.39doDischarge Certificate, C.E.F.
W.43doSpecial parade-State; Battalion or Battery.
W.44doLast-Pay Certificate.
W.51doOfficers Declaration Paper.
W.54doCasualty Return, by Unit, Regiment, or Corps.
W.61doRecruits; Particulars to be given by Recruiting Officer, for information of Regimental Paymaster.
W.66doReturn, monthly, changes of addresses of next of kin, N.C.Os and men, C.E.F.
W.67doParticulars of families of officers and men enlisted in C.E.F.

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